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5 Ways to Stay Cool During Summer Heat

Staying cool during summer isn’t just about temporary relief. Hazardous high temperatures can lead to heat-induced illnesses like heat cramps, heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Many people prefer staying indoors during peak summer season. Most buildings also install cooling systems in their business establishments to create a conducive working environment for their employees. Air conditioning Phoenix installs cooling systems and offers maintenance services for heating and cooling equipment.

Below is a list of helpful tips to keep you hydrated and healthy during the long summer period:

1) Keeping Fit

When it’s hot, exercising can be tricky due to the dull still air hanging outside. Heat becomes unbearable to consider peeking, let alone stepping outside. During summer days, it’s best that you keep your training days to early mornings, or at night after the sun goes down. Alternatively, you could take shorter workout periods to no more than 30 minutes. Also, take long stride walks instead of doing a vigorous sprint, or long distance running to reduce exertion levels.

2) Comfortable Light Clothing

Dark clothes absorb heat. Wearing a black top, for example, will have you seething due to the heat stored up in your skin. However, when you pick light cotton clothing during the summer, your life will be less complicated. Light cotton steers away heat, leaving you cool, calm and collected.

3) Cooling Water and Refrigeration

Water is the spring of life, as they say. Drinking lots of water during the summer helps you stay hydrated by cooling off as you sweat. Stock filled up water bottles in the refrigerator to use later, after spending hours in the hot sun. You can also sprinkle the water over your head or face, whichever is appropriate.

Iced water does come in handy too. When having barbecues, ice cubes are a must have. Everybody likes a refreshing drink running through their throat. Storing up light body creams and lotions in the fridge is also a great idea. Apply these in the evening, especially to your sore and tired feet. It offers an excellent soothing sensation and helps you sleep better.

4) Cooling Systems

Cooling systems such as air coolers, air conditioners, and ceiling fans also come in quite handy during summer time. Although cooling systems offer much needed fresh air, do not spend too much time under the fan or directly in front of a cooling system, as doing so causes dehydration and a feeling of exhaustion.

5) What to Eat During Summer

The thought of consuming something hot is near terrifying when you think about high temperatures and an ever sweating body. The last thing you need is food, right? Wrong. Food provides us with energy, nutrients, and psychological satisfaction.

Did you know that in countries like Mexico, India, Thailand, and the Middle East incorporate hot peppers in their menu to cool off their bodies? Hot food stimulates the body to release sweat, keeping the body cooler for longer. Hot tea is also a much-preferred beverage in Asia during the summer as it helps to cool the body. But take note of your food portions. Eat less, more frequently.

If dry heat becomes intolerable, avoid outdoor activities as much as you can. Watch out for young children, the elderly and the sick. They are more vulnerable to heat more than regular folks. Lastly, air your home as much as possible. Stay cool, stay safe this summer.


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