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Do You Know the Factors That Can Damage Your Home Foundation?

Foundation damage can really cost you a great deal of money to restore it back to normalcy. There can be several cracks on your wall, windows and doors may get unsettled and many other consequences due to this reason.

In case, you have any foundation issues at your home, you must immediately contact any foundation companies and get it investigated. However, you must also be aware of the following few things that can damage your foundation in the long run.

  • Overwatering

It is imperative that you must water your lawn regularly so that proper vegetation is maintained in the landscape, however you must water as much as required. Overwatering your surrounding can cause damage to your foundation.

  • Plumbing problem

Make sure that your plumbing lines are not constantly leaking water. This is another potential cause for making your foundation weak. However, sometimes it is very difficult to know if the underground piping is leaking, however if it is ever detected, it must be immediately addressed.

  • Tree root invasion

If your home is surrounded by trees then its root can spread under the ground and can be a potential hazard. Therefore, it is important that the trees must be regularly watered so that its root will not spread too much.

  • Poor drainage

Poor drainage is another very common reason for foundation damage. Therefore, make sure that your drain is not blocked and water is not standing for a longtime.

  • Inferior construction

While building the house, contractors are expected to use right material to ensure that strong foundation is made. However, there are certain unscrupulous contractors who may try to cut the corner in order to increase their profitability. Therefore, always go for a reliable contractor whom you can trust.

  • Unprepared ground

Again, it is the contractor who is responsible to prepare the ground properly while building the foundation. So, always hire an experienced contractor instead of going for a contractor who is ready to work at lower charges.

  • Seasonal conditions

Sometimes the weather of certain places suddenly changes and this can be a concern for the foundation. Therefore, homeowners must get their foundation checked by any expert.

  • Poor soil condition

In certain areas, the soil condition constantly changes which can also weaken your foundation.

  • Invasive landscaping

It is no doubt that the landscaping must be properly maintained, however you need to avoid planting trees and bushes very close to your house.

  • Poor renovation work

Poor renovation work done by an inexperienced contractor can also be a cause of foundation damage.

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