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Do You Need A HVAC Technician? Find All Details Here!

Ahead of the winters and summers, it makes sense to get the HVAC systems checked by an experienced technician. Even the best heating & cooling systems must be inspected, serviced and cleaned periodically, at least once in a year. While you can clean the air filters easily, it is wise to rely on a professional HVAC contractor for annual maintenance.

Check some of these aspects before you call a company for repairs and servicing.

Check the air filters

If there is any issue with heating and cooling effects, start by checking the filter. Air filters can get clogged in no time, and periodical cleaning can delay the need for replacement. This is more important for homes that have pets, are close to construction areas or the populated areas. Keep in mind that filters must be changed periodically. Typically speaking 4-5-inch filters must be replaced once in six months to a year, while one-inch filters should be changed each year!

Check other things

In case of furnaces and air conditioners, the thermostat works as the controlling unit, and any issue with the same can affect the temperature. Check if the thermostat is working as expected, and it is a good idea to check on the circuit breakers, in case the HVAC system won’t start at all. It is also a good idea to check the vents, grills and ducts, which are important components of the entire system. If any organic things or grime builds up in the air ducts, it can affect the air flow and damage the entire unit considerably. Make sure that plants, furniture are placed away from the vents of your HVAC system.

When to call a HVAC technician?

If your air conditioner or furnace won’t start after the basic checks mentioned above, calling a HVAC technician is the best idea. There are a bunch of companies offering air conditioner and furnace repair services, and most of the better ones will send someone to check the actual problem. Calling a company is also recommended when the unit is making a lot of noise or the heating or cooling isn’t par as expected. Ideally, do not wait for your heating/cooling system to fail. Instead call up a professional company ahead of the peak winters/summers to check the appliance and fix what’s required. With periodic inspection, most of the expensive repair work can be avoided.

Selecting a company

Before hiring a HVAC repair service, ensure that the company is licensed, insured and has its in-house team of technicians and engineers. They should be well-versed with the diverse brands, models and makes and should work with HVAC systems of all types, including heating pumps. The company should also offer an estimate with relevant inclusions in advance. Certain repairs and replacement jobs can be backed by warranty, and if you have any such advantage, check the terms and conditions.

With a little more attention and an annual check, your heating and cooling system can work more effectively, efficiently for a longer period of time.

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