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Enhance Your Home With A Water Permeable Resin Drive

Installing a resin bound drive featuring dried aggregates will not only protect your home against flood damage, it will also enhance the look and feel of your entire property.

Create a high end resort feel at home

Traditional outdoor surfaces such as cement or block paving don’t stay looking new for long. Especially as they are prone to cracking and always end up with weeds sticking out of every nook and cranny.

Durable and easy to maintain resin bound surfaces can last for up to twenty-five years, and create stunning vehicle parking areas, driveways and walkways. Plus to give your home real kerb appeal, the surface and colour of the dried aggregates can be specifically designed to highlight your property’s features and exterior colour scheme.

Protect your property against flooding

Unlike hard standing surfaces, a resin bound drive is water permeable. So when the surface solution is applied to an appropriate base, heavy rain will no longer form into puddles. As a result any excess water will simply flow into the ground or nearest storm drain.

Plus when the sun is shining your resin drive won’t fade or discolour in UV light; making it an ideal surface solution for not only vehicle driveways, but alfresco dining areas and swimming pool surrounds. 

For the best results hire a resin specialist

 To ensure your property achieves the right kind of wow factor. Your new resin drive will need to be professionally designed and installed.

With no need for excavation your chosen resin specialist won’t need to use any large scale digging equipment; just their know how, tools and a forced action mixer. Therefore you or your neighbours won’t have to endure major traffic disruption or noise pollution. It’s also worth noting your new resin drive will need to be installed in the right conditions. So the weather must remain dry and temperature can’t fall below zero.

When it comes to getting your property prepared for installation. Once the work area is cleared, your resin bound drive will be laid against a secure edge, such as a wooden fence, solid wall or set lawn border. So provided the weather remains suitably dry, your resin specialist should be able to finish the work in only a few days.

How to keep your resin drive looking like new

Your installation specialist will provide some simple instructions on how to keep your new resin drive looking great. These will include removing any leaves or debris, regularly jet washing the entire surface and gently clearing any mud or mulch.

If you need to repair your resin drive featuring dried aggregates

If your resin drive is not maintained in line with your resin specialists instructions, or the property becomes empty for some time. Dedicated DIY resin repair kits are available to buy online.

Containing easy to use instructions and a pre-set amount of gravel and resin. Provided the area is free of debris and the weather conditions remain dry and above zero, you and a friend should have no problem repairing a troubled area.

That being said, if you take care of your water permeable surface in line with a your installation specialists recommendations, your resin drive featuring dried aggregates should continue to enhance your home for up to 25 years.

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