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Firearms Safety: How to Store Your Defensive Weapons at Home Properly

A gun can give you peace of mind since you can use it to protect your family. However, owning one is big responsibility. You must be familiar with different gun laws before you keep one at home. If you want more information about these laws, you can consult N.J. Preovolos Law Corporation.

Keep your firearm in a secure place especially if there are children and teenagers in your household. Continue reading to know how to store your weapon without putting your family members at risk.

You have to put your gun at a locked box or a safe made specially for guns.

One of the places you can best keep your gun is at a lock box or gun safe. You have to make sure that you hide it really well in place where that’s easily accessible to you.

Most gun owners opt to have their gun inside their cabinets or beneath their mattresses. This is okay as long as it is secured. After all, it is not a must to buy an overly expensive lock box or gun safe. As long as you can ensure that no one can easily access it, any kind of lock box or safe will do.

You have to lock your weapon.

You should not solely depend on the safety mechanisms manufacturers put in their guns since these are always not stable. They can usually prevent others from using or loading your gun, but they cannot prevent the gun from being taken away. Therefore, it will be much better to use a storage box for your firearm.

According to the National Rifle Association, you must utilize a locking tool to securely and safely store your gun. You can either use trigger or cable locks. Trigger locks fixes your gun’s trigger in position. On the other hand, cable locks are elongated cables made from steel. You tie it through your gun in order for your weapon not to operate when not needed.

You should unload the bullets.

The National Rifle Association mentions that people who own a gun should unload it until the time they need to use it. This is effective in lowering the number of accidents. In addition, do not keep your gun and bullets together in one case.

You should explain about safety to your children.

Children are curious by nature, so it will  extremely dangerous and risky once they see a gun. Thus, you should talk about gun safety to your children. Make sure they fully understand you.

You position your gun in a safe direction.

You must place the barrel of your firearm in a safe direction. What is a safe direction? It refers to a position that where the gun points. If the gun faces a safe direction, you or anyone will not get seriously hurt when it accidentally falls.

Final Thoughts

A gun is not something that you can put away anywhere you want. There are precautionary measures that you should follow so you can store it safely at home.

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