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Five Signs It’s Time to Consider Assisted Living for your Senior Loved One

The decision to consider assisted living for your aging loved one can be difficult to make. Although you want to take care of them yourself, you may also have other responsibilities to fulfill.  Senior assisted living could be the best decision for their long-term care. If you are still not sure whether or not to consider assisted living for your loved one, the following signs may be just what you need.

Your Parents Could not Complete Even Simple Tasks

Usually, the impacts of aging make senior individuals unable to do basic tasks like doing laundry, using the toilet and preparing meals. If your senior loved one is struggling to complete their tasks, think about assisted living for them. With this living option, you can be sure, somebody is there to assist your loved one in starting and completing their activities of daily living.

They Forget to Take their Medications on Time

Memory decline and loss can be a part of the aging of the process. But, if your parent forgets to take their everyday medications, this could affect their health and wellness. Symptoms like forgetfulness, inability to concentrate and reduced ability to solve problems indicate that your loved one may have a cognitive incapacity. If your loved one could not remember to take their medications, it is best to consider assisted living for them.

They Experience Falls

Falls are a leading of injuries and fatalities for seniors. If your aging loved one is getting bruises, this could mean they have been experiencing falls. An assisted living ensures that your loved one has somebody to make changes to the home to make it fall-proof. Also, in case of a fall, you can be sure that somebody is there to assist your loved one.

They Have been Unsocial

Your senior loved one may be withdrawing from social interactions and friendships. This could indicate they have neuropsychiatric illness or depression. In this case, it is best for them to be with somebody who can give them company and interact with them on a regular basis. Assisted living helps improve your loved one’s emotional, mental and social health.

They are no Longer Safe to Drive

Your loved one may forget fastening their seatbelt, have vision issues or cannot focus. These problems make them unsafe drivers. Assisted living means that they can go to places with somebody driving for them. Aside from having a company, there is somebody who can give them some pieces of advice to avoid accidents and stay safe.

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