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Know The Threats Possessed By Molds In Your House And Methods To Detect Them

Molds are micro-organisms, which cannot be seen from naked eyes and hence detecting them visually in the air is just impossible. There are various types of molds, some can be really dangerous for our health. There are so many microbes present in the atmosphere, but microbes like molds that possess a threat to your health and home need to be removed.

Molds are believed to survive in the places that are moist and there are so many places in our house that get unwanted moisture from the atmosphere and allow molds to survive.


Toxic molds that produce mycotoxins can cause breathing problems in human. You may remain unaware of the existence of molds that are surviving in the moist places like the ceiling, or wooden furniture of your home and they can continue making the air inside home impure to breathe.

If you have children or elderly people in your home, the existence of molds is a larger threat to their health, because they can get affected by the impure air more easily.

Survival strategies of molds

Molds can survive and grow in warm conditions and moisture and hence they can survive in any place where there is the presence of these two things. You will be shocked to know that they can survive and damage your leather jackets and shoes too. They can be found in a moist filled crack, carpets, bathroom ceiling and at various other places.

Find them, so that you can remove them

Gone are the days, when it was difficult to find out whether your home has molds in it or not because you can now detect them with the help of mold detecting kits or test kits. Whenever you feel that there is something wrong in the home and you feel sick most of the time, you must bring a mold detecting test kit to find out the reality.

In winters, when there is a lot of moisture present in the air, you can observe foggy windows, but go a little further to detect that is it only the fog or there is an accumulation of molds that are causing the surroundings of the windows seem wet.

 Seeking help from professionals is really a reliable option to find out the amount of toxic molds present in the home and methods to get rid of them. Look for a licensed mold inspector nearby your area. For instance, if you are living in Albuquerque, you can search for mold removal Albuquerque NM to find a number of licensed inspectors.

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