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Self Storage Units Ensure a Stress-Free Move

Moving can be a stressful life event. You will have to expect some disruptions in your life as you need to make important adjustments to your routines every day, Plus, packing, organizing and keeping track of your possessions is really a hassle. And after you have moved in, you will need to determine where to place everything. But, you can free yourself from the stress by opting to store your things. A self storage unit can provide you plenty of benefits.

Keep your Things Conveniently Out of the Way

When it comes to moving, one of the toughest aspect is to decide where to place your packed thing. A self-storage unit provides a convenient solution which can be long-term or temporary. Keep your extra furniture and stacks of boxes out of the way but accessible. Here are some situations in which the unit can be really useful.

  • Downsizing-Empty nesters who are moving into a smaller house are likely to need more storage. They store things such as children’s toys or furniture and clothing which will be used again or get handed down.
  • Temporary storage- Often, there’s a gap between your closing and moving date. Self-storage units are a place to store your possessions until you can already move.


  • Moving in Together-Friends or newlyweds moving in together can have the same items which will not fit in their new house or space. With cheap storage units they can keep the items out of the way until they can decide on what they should do with them.

Climate Control Features

Storage units are not created equal. The kind of unit you pick depends upon the items you need to store and the timing. For instance, you might want to go for car storage to store your vehicle or an ordinary storage for things at home. It is imperative to take measures for protecting their belongings. Storage units with climate control features are made to keep your items safe from the elements. They are humidity and temperature to prevent sensitive items from picking up a scent or growing mold. Basements, garages or attics cannot always protect your items from such factors. Items that must be stored in a climate-controlled storage unit include rugs, electronics, furniture, artwork, documents and photos. You can store things anywhere out of convenience; however, climate-controlled units provide both protection and convenience.

Finding Additional Amenities

A lot of self storage companies offer convenient amenities and features to improve your experience. The following are some of the features to look out for.

  • Security features-Find facilities with state of the art technology that include features such as alarm systems, 21-hour DVR surveillance, pass-code entry gates, ample lighting and sophisticated locks.
  • Flexible leasing options-Temporary storage can be what you need depending upon your situation. Companies which provide monthly options without long-term commitments are the best. Ensure you understand well the move-out practices and the penalties when you move out early.
  • Free Moving Truck- A number self storage companies provide a free moving truck to move your things to your unit.

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