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What to Look for in an Assisted Living Home

What is an assisted living home? Simply put, it is long term residence for seniors. They have also been referred to as nursing homes and retirement homes. Choosing a quality assisted living community can be intimidating, especially considering this will be the permanent home of you or your loved one. It is important that you ask the right questions in your quest to find the right home. Here are some of the questions you should consider asking.

  1. Does the staff have proper training and experience? This question is important if you want your loved one to feel safe in a medical residence.
  2. Are the residents and staff friendly to interact with? Because this is a long term place of living, your loved one needs to feel like he or she fits in perfectly with this community. It is just like any other living arrangement; nobody wants to get stuck with a neighbor that they don’t get along with.
  3. What hours is the staff available? Will it have a 24/7 nurse at the facility? This question is vital for seniors with dire medical needs and require constant medical attention. Even if you are very healthy, it is still a good idea to stay on the safe side and have a staff that can always help out.
  4. What are the apartments like? Like any living arrangement, most people will want to know what the interior of an apartment is like. How big is it? What’s inside?
  5. What are the monthly costs of the apartments?
  6. What is the facility’s discharge policy?
  7. What is the billing and payment process like?
  8. What recreational activities are available at the facility? If you want to know if the home is truly enjoyable, find out what you or your loved one can do in spare time.
  9. What additional services are offered at the facility?
  10. Which healthcare services are provided at the facility? Find out if the available healthcare services meet your loved one’s needs.
  11. Does the home allow pets?
  12. What are the policies for visitors and overnight guests? Pay attention to this question if visiting rights are especially important to you.
  13. Will there be an initial assessment before someone is admitted?
  14. How does one become a resident of assisted living home?

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