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4 Tips to Getting Rid of Ants

Ants’ infestation is not just annoying, it can also bring forth a lot of disease-causing germs in your home. With over 700 species available in the US, they can invade any home any time as long as they find the environment favoring their survival.

They can match across your kitchen counter looking for food or they can invade your garage pavement looking for a place to reside. Besides their odorous nature that could ruin your fresh air, they can also destroy a lot of property. Remember, it is wise to hire a professional in St. Charles mosquito control for help. Here are other tips to help get rid of ants.

Eliminate Moisture Surfaces in Your Home

Ants are moisture loving insects because they can conveniently thrive and breed in such areas. You will find them in the kitchen sinks, cold basements, and areas where cold water pipes are passing through.

To prevent the buildup of moisture, you can use a dehumidifier in your basement floors, crawl spaces, and attic. Position your downspouts and gutters properly so that water flows away from your house’s foundation. If there are any leaking pipes, make sure they are replaced or sealed.

Keep Food Remains Out of Reach

Food remains in your kitchen is one of the attractive factors for ants. Wipe your counters, tables, and floors after eating to ensure you don’t leave behind any food remains. You remaining food should be stored in pest-proof containers and your ripe fruits should be stored in the fridge. Containers that are used in keeping sticky drinks like honey, syrups, and soda should be well-wiped. This is because such fluids are liked by ants.

Take Care of Your Pets Perfectly

Cats, dogs and other types of pets can be a precipitating factor of ants’ infestations. The containers or bowls that you use to give your pets’ food could attract ants if you don’t clean them well. Clean these bowls regularly and make sure you eliminate any spoilt food from your house. For the unused pet food, store it in sealed containers where ants cannot get access to it. Most people prefer storing pets’ food in plastic bags, ants can easily get access to it.

Seal Any Openings That Can Serve As Entry Points

Ants can find their way into your house even through tinny openings. Trees and bushes that are near your home should be trimmed and cleaned to ensure they don’t attract ants.

You can use silicone caulk to seal any kind of small openings and cracks on your walls that could let ants inside your house. The most entrance points used by ants to enter a house are where utility pipes pass through.

If your home is always infested by ants, seek professional advice on the kind of tools to use and ants deterring materials that you can apply. Some ants’ species can be hard to eliminate especially carpenter ants because they hide inside the wood. You can consider seeking the services of a trained and licensed professional so that you deal with the infestation once and for all.

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