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A Quick Guide to Choosing Bathroom Tiles

When deciding on tiles for your bathroom it is sensible to mix and match no more than four separate tiles. Some designers advise mixing no more than three styles, but this fails to allow for many traditional and period bathrooms which are often created using a combination floor, wall, dado and acanthus tiles.

Meanwhile, introduce more than four styles, colour or differently sized or looking tiles and a bathroom can quickly turn from stylish to unfocussed and chaotic, especially when designing a smaller bathroom or en suite. Most often then, people will choose to mix and match one of the following tile combinations, which also provide the perfect advice as to how to go about choosing yours.

  • A floor tile, wall tile and dado tile, which works well in a family bathroom. A dado tile border also adds a touch of sophistication. An example of a bathroom featuring this combination can be viewed via the Houzz Interior Design website.
  • A separate floor and wall tile. This is one of the most popularly opted for tile combinations, especially when working to a tight budget.
  • A wall tile and vinyl flooring. Possibly the most popular and an even most cost effective way to finish a bathroom, quality vinyl can be purchased of a good quality and yet inexpensively via Burts online. Further, whilst vinyl will not last anywhere near as long as tiles, it can be inexpensively replaced and provides home owners with the option to change things up when doing so.
  • A floor tile, wall tile and feature, border or pattern tile to create a focus and establish a theme or colour scheme. To see some creative bathroom feature walls created using tile, head over to the Florian Tiles website. From traditional to Alice in Wonderland inspired tile murals to romantic and whimsical hand painted tiles to nautical and even medieval designs, you can find it all via Florian Tiles.
  • A wall, dado and acanthus tile, such as when designing a period bathroom. Examples of Edwardian tiles, looks and as well a range of high quality acanthus tiles used for creating more elaborate dados and borders can be found and as well purchased via Fired Earth online.
  • A single, neutral and perhaps stone or stone effect tile with which to use one the floor and walls. This is another brilliantly cost effective tip, provided by the House to Home interior design website, and you can find many ideal tiles perfectly suited to create this more modern look via London Tile Shop. Being a tile supply company rather than a high street show room, you are also likely to save financially on buying online and direct from a supply company too, which means being able to afford and choose from a better quality and choice of tiles.
  • A mix and match coloured, patterned and differently sized tiles, but to also mix and combine tiles made of different mediums, such as ceramic tiles with glass tiles. To explore the myriad of differing materials from which tiles are today made, as well as a huge range of differing types of tiles (from hexagon shaped to mosaic), continue your research via the Original Style website.

Want more guidance, advice and ideas as to how to choose the perfect bathroom tiles or bathroom tile combination? No problem; for more tips and ideas as to what is trending in 2016 when it comes to bathroom tiles, continue your reading over at the Inside Out website and by reading their article: The Top 5 Tile Trends for 2016.


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