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All About Selecting Between Bathtub Refinishing And Replacement

In a neat and well-maintained bathroom, a worn-out and chipped bathtub can be a sore to the eyes. While bathtubs are meant to last, the signs of usage and age will get visible with time. There are two basic solutions to the problem – replacement and refinishing. Replacement, as the name implies, is the process of removing the old bathtub and installing a new one, while refinishing is about restoring the old bathtub by fixing the visible concerns and applying a fresh coating. Which is the better choice for your home? Get more info right below!

With regards to work/labor

In case of bathtub refinishing, also called re-glazing, the bathtub is first cleaned and scrubbed to get rid of soap scum, dirt and mineral deposits. Some services have two steps in the process for better cleaning. After this step, all chips, cracks and other damages are checked and fixed. Once the patchwork has been completed, a bonding agent is used, which helps in attaching the final coating to the surface.

In case of replacement, the work can be more elaborate. First, the old tub must be removed, which can require considerable time and effort. Plumbing systems and flooring must be changed/replaced/upgraded in some homes before the new bathtub can be installed. The work can be even more extensive if the bathroom isn’t in a good condition.

All in all, bathtub refinishing requires lesser time and effort, and if you are in a rush and cannot wait to use the bathroom again, this is a better choice.

With regards to investment

Replacement is always a better choice than refinishing, if long-term use and returns are your immediate concerns. Replacement allows you to update the bathtub and get something better, and in all likeliness, you wouldn’t need to spend a dime for the next couple of decades. In case of bathtub refinishing, the results can last for around 15 years or more. Of course, you would still need to spend on maintenance and care, but in case you want to just defer investing in a new bathtub, refinishing or re-glazing works just fine.

With regards to cost

Expectedly, bathtub refinishing is a lot cheaper, depending on the condition on the bathtub. Even when the bathtub isn’t in a good shape, the costing shouldn’t exceed beyond a range. In case of replacement, you need to include all expenses, including the cost of remodeling the bathroom tiles, plumbing systems and other things. Typically speaking, bathtub replacement will cost over $3,000 or more in most cases. You can click here to get a quote on bathtub refinishing.

Professional bathtub refinishers always offer suggestions and tips to homeowners, so that they can take a call between replacement and refinishing. If the bathtub is over 30 years old or has too many chips and cracks, replacement may make more sense. However, for most other basic damages, bathtub refinishing is more than enough. Take professional advice and consider what you can afford to spend, before deciding one or the other.

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