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Roofing Maintenance Tips to Save you Money

The roof is without doubt the most important component of any building, and preventative solutions are definitely the way to go with regards to roof maintenance. Any minor roofing issue will soon become major if it is not addressed promptly, and regular roof inspections will ensure that you carry out effective repairs in a timely manner.

Typical Roof Inspection

If you are new to home ownership, regular roof inspections can be carried out by your local roofers in Windsor, and a roof inspection would include all of the following: 

  1. Checking for missing or broken roof tiles – Even one missing tile can result in internal damage to the joists and rafters is left unaddressed.
  2. Cleaning out the guttering – This is essential, as the guttering provides an escape route for excess rainwater. Even more so if you have overhanging trees, as wet leaves and small twigs can easily cause a blockage.
  3. Close Inspection of both fascia & soffit boards – These are usually made of timber and might need repainting. If they have seen better days, it might be a better idea to replace them with PVC, which comes in attractive colours and does not require maintenance.
  4. Chimney Inspection – If you have a chimney, it is usually above the roof line and is subject to the wear and tear of our harsh UK climate. Repointing is sometimes required, which your local roofer can handle. 

The roofer would issue you with a detailed written report on the status of your roof and should there be any issues, he would recommend immediate repairs.

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