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The Importance of Good Home Security

We all know that home security is essential, and if your mental image of a typical burglar as someone who has all the equipment and is ready to break in at a chosen time, this might not be the most accurate description of the modern house burglar. The typical house breaker looks just like you or I, and he waits and watches, looking for a few minutes when he can gain access and take anything of value that can be carried, and it only takes a few minutes.

Effective Deterrents

Opportunist thieves do not have specific targets, rather they are looking for a property with regular windows and doors, as these offer quick and easy entry, and once in through a window or door, they will be out within 5 minutes. If, for example, you had a set of Banbury security doors fitted, then you are sending out the right message to would-be intruders. UPVC and aluminium double-glazed windows will result in your home being scratched from the burglar’s list, as every house breaker knows it is impossible to gain access.


For a minimal investment, you can have the entire perimeter of your home covered by CCTV, and with infrared night cameras, you always have clear footage. This is another thing the burglar looks for when sizing up a property, and the sight of a few cameras is usually all it takes to deter the criminal.

Security Doors

This is the only way to ensure your home is impenetrable, and with today’s customised solutions, you can have a set of solid doors that add character to the property, and there’s no maintenance when using composite materials. The level of locking is very much up to you, and most homeowners choose a password protected entry system, which eliminates the need for bulky keys that can easily become lost.

Federation Style Security Front Doors

These are very popular with the rustic Australian home, with stainless-steel mesh combining with alloy casts to provide a very strong and appealing door. The aluminium can be powder coated in any colour, and no matter what the harsh Australian climate can muster, your front door will always remain in good order.

Stainless-Steel Security Screens

Another very effective way to deter thieves is to install stainless-steel security screens that can be fitted onto doors and windows, protecting all of the property’s access points. There are several security options for the home that are also a very attractive feature, so you are not compromising looks for security.

Aluminium Security Screens

These are fabricated from thin sheets of aluminium that is perforated then power coated, and this surface has been officially tested for strength, with tests using jemmy bars, knife-shear and dynamic impact, and the product passed with flying colours.

Bespoke Home Security

No two homes are the same, and with that in mind, your security solutions should be designed around the property.

If you protect the doors and windows, you are pretty much protected, with perhaps a CCTV system to monitor the grounds, and with today’s security screens, you can boost the kerb appeal of your home.

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