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The Risks You May Encounter When You Buy a House with Foundation Flaws

Many home buyers prefer to buy houses having weak foundation for varied reasons.  Once they have owned the asset, they face several issues.

Reasons why home buyers prefer to own foundation error houses:

  • The cost of the house is quite low than the present market value of the property in that locality. Often buying at lower price lures property buyers, thus they overlook the flaws in the structure of the house, simply thinking that they are minor faults that can be easily repaired later on.
  • When they want to shift in new home quickly. Often in this situation future owners of the home overlook the faults of the house’s foundation and move in, after a while and they feel that they have made a wrong decision of purchase as the cost of repair is quite high.

  • They are novice in the field of property dealings. Often property dealers do best advertising of the house that has many structural issues. Their customers fall in the trap and buy the house unknowingly that they are paying high for the substandard house.

There are multiple dangers lurking when you buy such a house whose foundation has moved or pressing inside.

They are:

  • Major cracks on the exterior and interior of the wall. This is one of the basic signs that you have bought a house whose base isn’t perfect. To hide the cracks skilled mason is asked to fill up the cracks, which again may get cracked after a while.
  • The plumbing system of the house totally collapse. The main effects of the foundation issues fall on the underground system like the plumbing and on sewage moving pipes. Often skilled plumbers are called to solve these issues. However, this is only the temporary solution.
  • The outer portion of the house like the porch is cracked. Even the tiles of the house and the tiles on the exterior of the house is either broken or cracked. Replacing them by certified installer of tiles won’t help to get a permanent solution.

  • Moisture sets in between the pillars and rims of the walls leading to seepage and mold formation further damaging the walls.

Thus, it will be helpful to check if the foundation of the house is stable before considering to buy the property. If you have already purchased it will be beneficial to consult skilled certified foundation repair contractor to do the necessary process before shifting into your new home.

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