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Understanding the Working of a Shower Valve

Technology has been at its level best in the present times. It would be pertinent to mention here that technology has touched every industry. The sanitary industry is no exception to the benefits offered by technology. It would be in your best interest to make the most of the technologically advanced valves in your daily life. You may often come across several kinds of valves regularly, but most of you may not be able to notice. The most common kind of valve would be the tap. In case, you were looking forward to purchasing the right kinds of valves for your specific needs, you should look for Sanitary Valves.

Let us understand what a shower valve does.

Working of a shower valve

In case, you wonder what a shower valve is, it would be best described as the part of shower that would regulate the flow along with the mix of hot and cold water into the shower. It would do it through combining the diverters, temperature control and flow control.

Let us go through every aspect in brief.

Temperature control

All valves would comprise single temperature control. The temperature control would vary proportions on cold and hot water that would blend enabling the temperature of the mixture to be controlled. After the water would be mixed by this part of the valve, different flow controls and diverters would direct the blended water to different functions of shower. Here, function would imply shower outlets, slider rail, overhead shower and more.

Flow control

Flow control would be best described as valve controlled with the use of lever or handle placed on the valve. It would take the already mixed water by the valve and look forward to restricting the flow from completely on to off enabling fine control of flow rate between the two extremities. Every flow control would actually control the flow rate from single valve outlet all the way to single shower function.


A diverter would be described as a switch for directing the already mixed water in the valve to other valve outlets. The dual diverter would be used for switching water between one or two outlets. On the same note, the three-way diverter would direct between the three outlets. Moreover, the diverter would entail an off position to cut the water supply to all shower outlets. It would be pertinent to mention here that diverters would not supply water independently to various shower outlets. It would be done one at a time.

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