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What Can You Do to Prevent Carpenter Ant Infestation in Your House?

Ants can invade your house in any kind of weather, warm or during wet condition. Hence, it is difficult for home owners to get rid of the pest situation around the house.

Unaware of the season and time, these pests can make home at any time of the year. Therefore, it is always recommended for a homeowner to keep a seasonal check of the place every 6 months. It ensures you a pest protected house away from insects like carpenter ants.

Carpenter ants are often considered harmless to human body but their presence might possibly lead to issues like water infiltration, insulation as well as structural problems in many cases. However, Solution Cimex is one of the pest management company that offers you with the best of service to prevent ant infestation at your home.

Besides, here are some essential tips by which you can prevent the infestation of carpenter ant:

  • Pruning tree is often neglected by homeowners, if the distance between the house and tree is distant. However, it is important for you to know that regular pruning of tree and getting it sliced uniformly can help you get rid of carpenter ants residing at home.
  • Trimming dead leaves, removing limbs can help you prevent the potential residing of the carpenter ants.
  • Usually in winter days, we get firewood and tend to put them in the backyard of our house. Hence, it is essential on your behalf to prevent piling it up near your house. It is one of the ways carpenter ants are triggered to stay in a house.
  • When was the last time have you checked for moisture issues near the wall of your house? Sealing all the leaks, cleaning all the water clogging around the corner of your house can help you prevent carpenter ants too. Apart from that, this also prevents the possibility of other pests and insects prevailing for example like mosquitos, bed bugs etc.
  • Carpenter ants can easily make a hole in their path to travel. Therefore, sealing all the doors tightly, garage holes, and wall pores to ensure there is no small entries for carpenter ants to make a way into the house.
  • One of the major reasons of attraction for carpenter ants is food. What you can do is wrap all the sweets, meat, eggs and grease you buy for your home and reduce the possibility of attracting such ants to your kitchen. It is also harmful for homeowners to have food which was left open for carpenter ants.

Steps for carpenter ant treatment:

If you see the existence of carpenter ants in your house it is best for you to get a pest treating management visit your place. They will schedule you with an allotted time and inspection will be carried out. Most of the pest management experts will analyze the main point of infestation isolate the part and safely execute the treatment. However, it is important on your behalf to consult with them about the kind of procedures which will be involved in treating the pest so that it might not affect any homeowners later on after the treatment.

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