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What To Expect from Raccoon Removal Services

Raccoons can be cute and relatively harmless, but not when there’s a raccoon infestation in your home. Imagine if you have a pack of raccoons dropping feces everywhere. Aside from being unsanitary, you will have to deal with all the health problems that raccoons can cause. If ever you find yourself in this situation, you should waste no time in contacting professional raccoon removal services immediately.

Raccoon feces carry roundworm (baylisascaris procyonis), which can infect a number of other animals, as well as humans. Baylisascaris infection is something that you definitely have to be worried about, because the parasite eggs are quite resistant to chemicals and environmental degradation. More than that, the infectious microscopic eggs can live in the environment for 10 years or more.

Thus, ensuring that your home is free not just from the raccoons but also from all traces of raccoon feces is not a simple matter that you can easily solve by yourself. Aside from having the tendency to mark their territory with harmful feces, they also tend to cause damage. Hiring professional raccoon removal services is the way to go because it will ensure that the decontamination is done thoroughly. When hiring raccoon removal services, this is what you should expect:

Trapping and removing the raccoons safely

Before you can even think of removal and decontamination, the first step is to find the raccoons and lure them from their hideouts. As a homeowner, you can’t be completely sure how many raccoons there are in your home.

With professional raccoon removal services, they know exactly how to lure the raccoons with a specialised baited cage and other effective methods. The team of experts will lure the raccoons and remove them from your home properly and safely.

Investigating wool insulation and other affected areas

Just because the raccoons are no longer there, this doesn’t mean that the threat is already gone. Left to yourself, you can never be too sure where the raccoons have gone, where they’ve nested, and where they have spread their feces.

Aside from actually removing the raccoons, part of the service will be to investigate areas that are possibly infected, such as wool insulation.


Once the raccoons have been removed from your home, the next important step is to decontaminate the area they’ve been in. The mode of decontamination will depend on the level of infestation in your home, and experts will be able to assess the situation and come up with a decontamination strategy that’s unique to your problem. The team will also have to repair whatever damage the raccoons have caused.

Blocking potential entry points to prevent future infestations

It’s not only important to remove and decontaminate the areas affected. After that, you will need to safeguard your home from future raccoon infestations. Blocking all the potential entry points of raccoons is an important part of raccoon removal services, because you don’t want to have to go through all the stages of decontamination again.

Hiring a professional raccoon removal service is the safe and easiest way to get rid of an unwanted raccoon infestation all while ensuring your family’s health.

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