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Why Are Loft Conversions So Popular?

If you are a UK homeowner who wishes to add some living space to your property, look no further than a loft conversion. Prices are very reasonable, especially when compared to a traditional bricks and mortar extension, as you already have the structure in place and it is only a question of cladding and insulation.

Major Aspects of a Loft Conversion

There are specialist building contractors in Bromley who can provide the following:

  • Installing chipboard flooring
  • Cladding the walls and ceiling- This is typically done using plywood.
  • Adding several skylights – To provide natural lighting.
  • Cladding the water tank and any piping that runs through the attic.
  • Building a drop-down staircase for easy access.

Of course, every attic is unique and the builder would wish to discuss your requirements prior to quoting for the project. With bespoke solution, you can transform your loft into the perfect living space that could be used for any of the following:

  • Extra bedroom
  • Man cave
  • Office space
  • Overnight guest accommodation
  • Hobby room

Regardless of your needs, a specialist builder can transform your attic into whatever you prefer, and by using quality materials, the space will provide you and your family with man years of comfort.

Thermal Insulation

You obviously have loft insulation, yet this would be removed when carrying out a loft conversion, as now you want the heat to rise into the attic. The builder would add a special layer of insulation behind the roof cladding, which prevents the heat from escaping, and with possibly some wall insulation, your loft will always be cosy and warm.







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